The summary of the charitable program "Mercy"




One of the basic directions of activity of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order is charity, help and assistance to the people in need.

Charitable actions are carried out in the cities where the centers of the Order exist – Moscow and St.-Petersburg. The activity includes:

·      Providing help to homeless (donating clothes and meals)

·      Providing help to sick children

·      Organization of the various leisure and educational activities for the people in need (retired persons, orphans, children with serious disabilities, etc.)



Charitable activity in Moscow

In Moscow the darvishes have been engaged in the charitable activity since 2004.

One of priority directions is cooperation with a social shelter №40 in Moscow. This shelter helps the orphans, homeless and children neglected by their parents. Children spend in the shelter – from 2 weeks till 11 months while to a child will find the most suitable conditions for the further development.

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